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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  December 18, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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show and don't forget us to sending stories at cross country at good night america. let's go. brian: welcome to saturday night. this is "one nation." i'm brian kilmeade. we are going to talk to make gallagher and andy mccarthy about the crypto king. i think we spends too much time cite sizes this country. i think we close out this year taking stock of what is so right instead of what is too wrong. there has been too much of this.
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>> we are never going to make america great again. it was never that great. >> that past he's promising to return us to was never as advertised. >> when did you think america was great. brian: nice, right? instead of us trying to get our pronouns right and mandating reparations for the horrors of slavery that happened 200 years ago. we should always strive to be better as a nation and as individuals. but i think we should take this time to realize how much better we are than any other country on the planet. fast forward, a couple days ago in iran, a soccer superstar is sentenced to death for protesting for the rights of women. a protest has raged in his country for months resulting in the deaths of 400 for
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protesting. all this spurred on because of a 22-year-old woman who wanted to expose her hair. they killed her. in america you stand up for a cause. but even an injury in the smallest or biggest protest is not tolerated in this country. could you imagine an athlete in this country being hung because they campaigned for rights and basic freedom? the answer is no of course. we might have gotten upset about mixed messaging, mandates and masks. but we never locked down millions, welding families in their houses. russia, displays a brutality that continues to be revealed at war. the country held our female superstar basketball player in prison for a small amount of
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marijuana. she could have been sets up. we don't know the true story yet. they refused to send her home unless we gave her back for an arms dealer. in america we look to export our products that might change the way of life. we may be guilty of opening too many starbucks or mcdonalds around the world. but we'll never be guilty of shy jacting another country's intellectual property. for those who are easily offends. before you take to social media to threaten the lives of supreme court justices, maybe you should put into perspective how free this country is you are living in. >> when you are calling to accost a branch of government, the supreme court. >> i don't believe that's a
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correct characterization. >> did not tweet that? that you thought the supreme court justices shouldn't accosted? >> that's not an accurate characterization of my statements. brian: she had a right to say it and a right to be confronted in this country. you are allowed to get upset about things. freedom of speech is here. but things could be much, much worse on america's worst day. we are better than anywhere else on the planet on their best day. we can disagree on how great a policy is, how great a leader is, but not how great our country is. joining us to expand on this and so much more, fox news contributor, former white house chief of staff karl rove. i think we need to recalibrate once in a while. do you think sometimes people
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forget howe great this place is? >> absolutely. and thanks for doing this segment. it was a pleasant surprise. as a country we focus on the bad things, but we don't understand and put them in the context of what this country is and what it represents around the world. even the problems we have on the southern border. people are coming here not because they think it's a hell hole. they are coming here because they believe in what they heard about the american dream. the ability of people of mod yechtd backgrounds to raise on hard work and commitment. i was talking this morning with the ambassador of the united states to the country of netherlands which has the second largest u.s. military cemetery abroad. the graves there are tended by volunteers, dutch volunteers who
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tend those graves. why do they do that? because the united states came in world war ii and helped liberate their country, and the only thing we asked for in return was ground in which to place our dead. that's the united states of america. god bless the founders of our country for sending us in the direction they did. brian: absolutely. let's talk about what's happening at the border. we have never seen anything like this, karl rove. we have never seen what looks to be basically an invasion. in el paso alone there is an increase of 250%. when title 42 goes away on the 21st, we are expecting 18,000 illegal immigrants a day. we didn't handle 5. mr. is president biden on this? >> we have a big border in the south and it takes a lot to protect it.
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we call those encounters. that's when the cbp, the border patrol, takes into custody someone on the border. 2021 there were 1,734,000. the end of this we are. 2,378,000. that's over a 500 percent increase in three years. in october 230,000 encountered across the border. in 2020 it's estimated there were 600,000 getaways. we a you in he will pass -- we saw in el paso. 1,000 people from venezuela and central and south america, came
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across. literally there was no space in the shelters. these people spend the night on the streets grabbing whatever kinds of cardboard or maybe they could to start fires to keep themselves warm. we saw that. that's happening in smaller towns across the border. eagle pass or yuma, arizona. we only grab it because in a big city they come in and it collapses. the smaller towns are being overwhelms every day. brian: think of the big states that have to write checks. and the operation in arizona. in new york the mayor is asking for a billion dollars. this is money paid by tax dollars for the american people. here are some democrats weighing
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in. tell me if you have a reason for hope here. >> i don't know why they keep avoiding the border and saying there are other things more important than the border. if there is a crisis, show up. just show up. >> we sent a letter similar three weeks ago that said writes your plan. we never got a response. if they don't have a plan, then they need to wait to end. >> we all know it's a crisis. when you have a crisis in your country you should deal with it. brian: three democrats admitting what we all know. is there hope there? >> the republican house will be able to work with people like henry cuellar. jon tester jumped on top of
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this. he's not on the southern border. republican democrat or independents, they think it's a crisis and they don't understand why the administration is so passive and out of touch. when the homeland security secretary says the border is secure, and you are seeing these pictures on the evening news, you know it's not secure. brian: karl rove, thanks so much. coming up later in the show. the newest financial scammer has been arrested and charged. but who else can be involved. the u.s. is stepping in on vladimir putin's war against ukraine. let me urge you, dvr the show. click on series. it's 8:00 every saturday. it's when your life stops and you just watch.
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brian: the u.s. is planning to send patriot missile defense system to ukraine. it will augment the defense systems they already have. some say it will give ukraine vital restraint and others question whether it will be the game changer some say it will be. vladimir putin is not happy about it. joining us now for more. congressman mike congressman mi.
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your objection to them getting this patriots system that's all about official. >> i hope it moves forward swiftly. this would be the most advanced system we provided to date. we have seen a pattern with the biden administration where they have to be drug kick and screaming. every step along the way they are fearful of provoking the russians. but the only thing provocative for the russians is weakness. giving the ukrainians the ability to defend themselves from the onslaught of missiles from the rugs raining down. and they might get to a point where they are begging the chinese to put some kinetic skin into the game. we shouldn't be deterred by vladimir putin.
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we should deter him. brian: so far they have been totally inept other than putting missiles into cities and infrastructure. do you think russia will attack keefkikyiv the capital city its? >> i think we should all be aware of the fact that as things continue to get worse for vladimir putin. he could get desperate and do some dumb things. but that's not an argument for us backing down. we needs to be firm and smart. we have an opportunity to not just deliver a blow to russia. but also deliver a blow to his best friends xi jinping. if we fail in europe it will understood mine deterrence. brian: i understand want to go
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make sure the weapons and money get there. but they cannot back down. it unless our national interest. the senate voted to ban tiktok on government devices. nancy pelosi said she'll put it in the omnibus bill. how do you feel about that? >> i think it's an important step forward. but the next step has to be a total want in united states. tiktok is owned by bytedance * and it's controlled by the ccb. -- the ccp. we don't want to give the ccp the ability to track or location, the websites we visit and edit our news. i introduced a bipartisan bill
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to ban tiktok. now the democrats are on the record admitting tiktok is a national security threat, i think we can make a broader case for the broad ban. brian: former lawmakers are lobbying for bytedance. it's still not speaker mccarthy. you have been firm on his side. but no one is budging. are you going to get involved to try to convince andy biggs and others that mccarthy is the way to go? >> i am involved. kevin mccarthy has gone out of his way to engage with those protesting and trying to meet them in the middle.
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i know we wanted a bigger majority. i look at the senate, and i think a win is a win. we have the opportunity to pull the emergency brake on the crazy out of control progressive nonsense coming out of the white house. we can't lose the first two months in congress. kevin mccarthy is standing up a select committee on china. there is no time to waste. brian: how you are doing the omnibus bill is nuts. it's taking power away from the majority you will have in a few weeks. next the final stage has been sets in the 2022 world cup. and a look back at the great tournament in qatar.
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my exclusive interview with former governor jeb bush. he weighs in on the state of florida. and joe biden. coming right back. after years of chasing the big idaho potato truck... i finally caught it. oh man. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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and wreaths were placed on the graves of soldiers. brian: france could become the third nation in history to go back to back with the world cup. but the team will have to get past messi. arexi, thanks for previewing the tournament in our studio and keeping us up to date. you picked out three moments you want to share with us. messi's assist against cro croa. >> this is messi's third world cup. the greatest player to play the game. in this moment he spins not just
2:26 am
any player. but possibly the young player of the tournament from croatia. this is a 30 plus, mid-30s messi looking like he's 20 years old. any type low graft weight transfer type of athlete. it's magical the way he does it. even though he didn't score the goal, he creates the goal. brian: 0-0 overtime, set the scene here. 0-0 overtime. >> in the overtime situation. he scores this goal. in the moment you think this is the golden moment that will live forever. not only will they go on to win the game, but fulfill that destiny.
2:27 am
i thought they were going to win the tournament. i think in that home they thought it was god's gift to them. one of the best players in the world celebrates and 15 minutes later seeing hem lose and seeing his tears. it was a big moment. brian: and the second goal against poland. >> he's going for his secondle world cup before the age of 24 sunday before they play argentina. he scored one at the near post and one at the far post. even though he's right footed. and he loves to cut into that right foot. and hit that near post shot. the guy is incredible. his speed is off the charts.
2:28 am
and when he gets into dangerous positions he finishes. brian: france could be outplayed but they always end up on top. what do you think? >> argentina with arguably the greatest player to ever play the game who has yet to check the world cup box. i think the crowd will be predominantly argentine. they bring a volume. so i think it will be all for argentina. france, they will hang out with a smoke and coffee and baguette. now they get to play here. they have no problem playing as the underdog, as the minority when it comes to the crowd situation, and they have a lot of good players out there. they don't care about messi's
2:29 am
legacy. they are looking to win not just their second world cup consecutively. but the first time in 60 years for a team to go to a world cup and win two in a row. brian: the ratings are through the roof. you guys at fox sports have done an incredible job. pregame show starts at 9:00. the game starts at 10:00. thanks for helping us here with fox news. >> thank you for all your support throughout. i know you love soccer. i can't wait to get home to the greatest country in the world which is the united states. but that final will be awesome. argentina versus france. 9:00 a.m. eastern time. check it out and we'll get you
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ready for it. brian: if you are looking for a last-minute christmas gift, grab "the president and the freedom fighter." ftx crypto collapsed. some of your favorite celebrities might be in the cross-hairs. they are being sued. ♪ ♪ i see an amazing place. feels like a dream. a place of many wonders... and full of life. i open my eyes: earth is our pandora. ♪ ♪
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>> i'm shaquille o'neill. i'm excited to be partnering with ftx to make crypto accessible. >> i have another 10 years left, maybe 15. >> not that, this is big. what do you think? are you in? >> you know what? i'm in. >> i'm not an expert. but with ftx i have everything i need to buy, sell and trade crypto easily. brian: if you listened to them, your money is gone. you might be broke. will they be in trouble now for promoting this. there is a class action suit against them. you are talking about people losing over a billion dollars.
2:35 am
the scammer accused of taking people's money to support his lavish lifestyle. sam bankman-fried is sitting in a prison cell in the bahamas, waiting to be extradited to i assume the united states. joining us, andy mccarthy. could celebrity endorsers be going down on this? >> the mist of these scams, people who lose their money make an argument in court that the people who promoted the scheme benefited from the scheme. the main culprit has no money left so it's like going after an empty bag. there will probably be litigation about this for a very long time. whether people are on the hook
2:36 am
for it will depend on how much they knew about the inner workings of what ftx was doing and how they could have aid and abetted the scheme. brian: kevin o'leary got $15 million. he was upset about this. here is what he knows about this scam. >> i couldn't get answers from any of the executives in the firm so i called sam bankman-fried and said where is the money, sam. he said he was refused access to the servers and he no longer knew. i said let's step back. this is a simple case in my mind of where did the money go. walk me back 24 months. tell me about the use of assets. where did you spend it. brian: he bought a portion of
2:37 am
another crypto firm. what is your take on we did? >> i think kevin o'leary hits the nail on the head. even though the scheme arose out of the context of cryptocurrency. you don't have to be a cryptocurrency expert to understand what happened here. it's the age old pattern of people invest with somebody who turns out allegedly steal the money and convert it to his own use. the questions being asked are the questions that should be asked. which is what did you do with the money we invested and what did you spend it on? where did it go? you could be talking about crypto or stock. you could be talking about fine art. it's the same thing again and again. you invest with someone and allegedly they steal it and convert it to their own use.
2:38 am
brian: no one even asked is there a risk investment division? is there an accountant on staff with your corduroy shorts and t-shirt and bad hair. you wrote a column today and said you are worried about regulators getting in there and doing what to crypto. >> crypto is a very interesting concept. some say it's the future. others say it's a ponzi scheme. but what i would suggest to people is two things. you don't want to regulate in a hot panic. this shouldn't be where they say a crisis is a terrible thing to let go to waste so let progressive bureaucrats come in. like they have done again and again. the other thing is common sense. if you don't understand something, don't invest in it.
2:39 am
brian: you are worried about the progressive regulate years as an investment. it won't destroy crypto, it will destroy crypto in america. they will just go elsewhere. >> this is what they do every time. you have some catastrophic event happen and they use it as a protect to do the regulating they wanted to do all along. brian: you have to put your name on something. and this guy should rot in prison for a long time because he destroyed a lot of lives. thanks so much. i urge you to get his column today to make sense of it. "one nation" next. i sit down with the former governor of florida. got two terms for a reason. he was really, really good. jeb bush ♪ for skin as alive as you are...
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brian: florida governor ron desantis made the list of "time" mall seen's 100 most influential people. they asked jeb bush to write about it. the crisis at our border. education and his family. you live and breathe education. what should the position be. >> parents were the teachers of their kids during covid where the schools were shut down and access to the internet was non-existent. they had to become the teacher
2:45 am
of their children. the frustration they felt can be mobilized to bring about reform. they are important soldiers in this fight to insure parents have a chance. >> i laid it out for you in a way that is irrefutable. >> i watched "60 minutes" and they were going to hit desantis that he was only giving the vaccine to people who voted for him. that didn't go over well. >> when they were trying to set him up and he knew it, and he punched them in the nose. brian: do you think he's got the momentum and is this the right time for him to run for higher office? >> yeah, i think it is. the first step for anybody to run for office within
2:46 am
particularly one of that magnitude. what happens if i win. he has to answer that question. i think he would be an excellent candidate. >> the white house reeling from desantis sending a plane of 50 migrants to martha's vineyard. brian: there were planes arriving in jacksonville without telling governors. he decided to take a plane of migrants to martha's vineyard. it sent a message and had people talk about it. do you think that was a good move? >> they used state money for it, i wouldn't have don't. i was shocked the state legislature funded $20 million of state money for it. it was like wow! brian: it got people talking about it.
2:47 am
>> it sure did. what we should be doing its fixing our immigration party. we shouldn't be allowing people to cross our border and migrating on their own. they are pushing back people waiting patiently legally to come to our country. and that just wrong. brian: immigration is not a new issue in america. but with dissolving title 42, they expect 18,000 illegals coming to our border. what does 18 look like? >> it looks like an uncontrolled situation. pore the refugees crossing our border within it's really dangerous. they can't make their claim of persecution in their host country, which is what we should
2:48 am
do. the policy president trump started i think is the proper one. they knew if they came they weren't necessarily going to get into the country. we should have a commitment to legal immigration. we can't let people get in the front of the line. our policy shouldn't be that they get the higher priority. brian: would you be surprised if president biden ran again? >> i don't know. the issue is, can i serve? he has to make his minds up on that. in some things i think h . . to get back in the game and fiscal policy. you can't compromise when it's just more spending. these deficits are devastating. >> a grassroots effort. >> your son lost his first
2:49 am
election. he wanted to be attorney general of texas. was it hard for you as ai had were not as difficult for me as they were for my parents and for your family. your family cares more about that. you figure out how to get through it. george has handled it well. i was sad to see him lose. he was a really good public servant. he's a young guy, he will have a chance to get back in it. how is governor jeb bush? >> fantastic. i have five grandkids. my family is blessed. i'm madly in love with my wife still after 48 years of marriage. life is good. grien. brian: i lost my mom the same year you lost your mom and dad. it's tough. how do you deal with the
2:50 am
holidays without them there. >> it's almost every day i think about my mom and dad. through some interaction. my mom and dad touched so many people, i constantly think about them a lot. most of the time it's with joy that i am so blessed to be their son. sometimes it can be sad, particularly around christmas. grien. brian: we talked for an hour, you can catch it on radio. if your business kept on employees through the pandemic, can see if it may qualify for a payroll tax refund of up to $26,000 per employee. all it takes is eight minutes to get started. then work with professionals to assist your business with its forms and submit the application.
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join us today at childfund dot org. brian: it's time for the "news duel." the hottest stories everyone is talking about, and only lawrence jones has the guts to talk about it on television. >> i'm a little nervous. brian: lawrence jones, the first story is the nba. the mcp trophy will be named after michael jordan. and you are going to get a michael jordan-like trophy.
2:56 am
kareem had more points and le bron had better stats. >> he's the goat. it doesn't say who is the future goat. it's who is the current goat. jordan, easy day. no problem here. you have got to get these questions all the time. i'm a single guy. here is the question you never should ask people. why are you still single. this is one of the responses you can give people. brian: is it hard on single on christmas? it is. it's not about you being with someone, they want to know when you are going to start having children. number one, you can tell me, i'm not sure this rash is contagious. when asked why are you still
2:57 am
married. and then you can say this. all of my boyfriends/girlfriends are already married. and then this is just weird. i devoted my life to cats. and lastly, i'm not taking questions at this time, thank you. i don't want to break the hatch act. you can be the press secretary. let's move on. let's talk about this. a dog is extremely happy to be adopted but because it's christmastime and this bull terrier loves christmas. what is your reaction as a dog guy. is this good? >> this is a bad owner. my dog would never do this.
2:58 am
bad owner. and it's dangerous for the dog. the lights and everything over there. he needs some training. >> you are on the record as not so much of a dog guy. remember this. >> lawrence, do you have a dog? >> i don't have a dog. i can't deal with the smell and i travel away too much. >> i said some day someone is going to find that footage. brian: you have a dog now. >> i do. dana perino's dog changed my life, jasper. i knew somebody some day would find that footage. brian: the top rated christmas movies. the rankings are out. here is klaus's animated films. it's a wonderful life.
2:59 am
edward isor hands number three? that's a christmas movie? the shop around the corner? >> the night before christmas. >> and the nightmare before christmas. >> why not diehard. i've involved on this issue. i'm not going to fight with you on your show. brian: no fred claus. >> i have never seen it. brian: we are going to have larry kudlow, mike goodwin. on the podcast. on "fox and friends." elizabeth dole. and be sure to follow me on
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social media. and rumble@kilmeade. you checked the schedule. you are coming up in two hours. who comes up between us. lawrence: bongino. when does it start? brian: i think it starts now ♪. [playing of "the star-spangled banner"] ♪


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